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Baby felix the cat by thehondafan24-d5yxi47

Baby Felix is the rascal, childhood self of the Felix everyone knows and loves. Even then, he has a knack for getting in trouble, cravings for chocolate, and most of all, a wild imagination, which sometimes allows him to communicate with his future (current) self. He his the title character of the Baby Felix and Friends show made in Japanesse anime. He also had movies starting in 1997 with Baby Felix's Holiday Movie. Those movies were made by Universal Pictures. He also had his own show made by DiC in 1988.It was the first "Baby Felix & Friends". The show ended in 1999. The real Baby Felix and Friends Show! aired in 2000 and ended in 2003. The "Baby Felix & Pals" show aired on March 27th 2004. The Universal Version of "Baby Felix & Friends" aired on 4KIDS! TV. In 2007, the show began airing on Cartoon Network. It was the first appearance of Baby Woody, who is Baby Felix's best double.

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