Ghost (Felix the Ghost)

The "Ghost" in the Felix the Cat comic book story "Felix the Cat and the Haunted Castle".

The Ghost is the main villain from the 1923 Felix the Cat cartoon "Felix the Ghost Breaker" and is one of Felix's earlier adversaries (though not the first).

The Ghost was first encountered by Felix when the cat decided to take a nap at a local cemetery, The Ghost terrorized Felix before heading off to a nearby farm - knowing the Ghost was planning mischief Felix followed him in order to check up on goings on.

Sure enough Felix watched as The Ghost scared off a barnyard full of animals before terrorizing the farmer himself, invading his home and frightening him away - even going as far as scaring away the Reserves after the farmer called them in desperation.

Deeply upset at losing his home the farmer resigns himself to defeat and prepares to leave but Felix decides to help out by riding the house of the Ghost - Felix then gets into a confrontation with the Ghost but is unable to capture the villain.

Felix comes up with a plan though and uses a bottle of rum to lure the Ghost out of the house before he pulls a gun out on the villain - at this point the Ghost is then revealed to be an unnamed rival of the farmer who was using the Ghost disguise to try and frighten the farmer out of his property and was unmasked in a manner similiar to a Scooby Doo villain (despite predating Scooby Doo by many years).

The unmasked "Ghost" is then promptly kicked over the horizon by the farmer's donkey and is never heard of again.


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