1995Ace MonahanAlex the Cat
April MazeAstronomeowsBaby Felix
Baby Felix and FriendsBermuda TriangleBet a Billion Bill (character)
Bold King ColeBook of OrianaCBS
Calamity LandCandy KittyCarlos Alazraqui
ComicalamitiesComicalamities (1928)Cylinders
Disney ChannelDreamWorks AnimationDuke of Zill
EarthFeline FolliesFelix's Magic Bag
Felix-XFelix All PuzzledFelix Dopes It Out
Felix Full O' FightFelix Gets the CanFelix Minds the Kid
Felix RevoltsFelix The Cat Finds a GenieFelix The Cat Wiki
Felix Trifles with TimeFelix Turns the TideFelix Woos Whoopee
Felix and VavoomFelix the CatFelix the Cat: Golden Anniversary Edition
Felix the Cat: The MovieFelix the Cat (1959 TV series)Felix the Cat (video game)
Felix the Cat ProductionsFelix the Cat Saves ChristmasFelix the Cat to the Rescue!
Film RomanFrankieFriday the 13th
FuturitzyGeneral ClangGhost
GrumperGuardian IdiotHead-Hunters
Inky and WinkyJack MercerKing Cole
Kitty KatLand of ZillLaura
Love at First SliceMadam PearlMagic Bag X
Mars Needs FelixMartiansMartin the Martian
Master CylinderMaster Cylinder, Felix and VavoomMaster Cylinder, the Master King of the Moon
MizzardsNastassia SlinkyNeptune Nonsense
New World PicturesNews BluesOriana
OscarParamount Home VideoParamount Pictures
Peeking DuckPhony PhelixPim
PoindexterPrincess OrianaRock Bottom
RoscoShamus T. GoldcrowSheba Beboporeba
Shocking StorySkiddooSpace-Time Twister
Star TrashSusan MontanaroTee Time
The Best of The Felix the Cat ShowThe Cat BandThe Felix the Cat Movie
The Goose That Laid the Golden EggThe Magic Bag of TricksThe Manhattan Triangle
The Musical MewsThe Petrified Cheese (video)The Poindexter Mask
The ProfessorThe Sludge KingThe Sludge King: Part 1
The Sludge King: Part 2The Twisted Tales of Felix the CatThe Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat (2000 DVD)
Van Beuren StudiosVavoomWack's Whip
Wack LizardiWet PaintZillians

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