Princess Oriana is the princess of the land of Oriana. She was betrayed by the Aristocrat Grumper when the Cylinders led by Master Cylinder and the Duke of Zill attacked. She was enslaved by Wack Lizardi, one of the duke of Zill's most high-ranking minions (beside Master Cylinder). When she along with Felix the Cat were escaping, Wack Lizardi's Living Circus Whip tried to trap them again but failed. She escaped the Head-Hunters, and was returned to her kingdom, thanks to Felix. Her first and only appearance was in Felix the Cat: The Movie.


She is a tall woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, and wears a white dres with red and pink trimmings with yellow spots, and a blue gem at the center of the collar.


While friendly and benevolent, she is extremely dimwitted, having disbanded the nation's entire army despite there being a known threat against the kingdom, believing she need only rely on the people to fight back. This of course, failed. She then tried to use the Dimensional Shifter to escape, which she also could have used to defeat her uncle a long time ago.


She has magical tears capable of becoming sentient and performing tasks when she is in desperate need.


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