Char 61790
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Cat
Faction Hero
Location Earth
Status Alive
First appearance The Sludge King: Part 1 (1995)

Rosco is Felix's best friend in The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat series, and a fellow feline (a orange one with black stripes and a large red nose, and he dresses in the stereotypical "village idiot" outfit... with matching accent, says "Duh" at the start of almost every sentence). Not being the brightest bulb in the socket, Rosco gets into twice as much trouble as Felix does, with half the braincells needed to figure a way out, all he could usually think up is yelling for Felix, knowing he always lends a helping paw... Rosco is extra thrilled when Felix's rescue involves the Magic Bag, and being a best friend, Rosco, dumb as he is, never forgets his manners in saying thanks.

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