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Tee Time is a 1930 animated short produced by Pat Sullivan. It is the final Felix the Cat cartoon to be produced by Pat Sullivan, as he would die in 1933, and the final Felix cartoon to be released until 1936.


Felix the Cat is made by his father to practice the piano, but he is unenthusiastic about doing so. He wishes to play golf with Skiddoo. The cat sees two grasshoppers playing leapfrog outside. He leads them inside white gloves and they dance on the piano. The stool, broom, and hat rack begin dancing to the music, and so does a mouse. Felix’s father does not suspect a thing, leaving Felix to leave.

Felix meets up with Skiddoo at the golf course. Felix hits a golf ball onto a policeman’s nose. He hits it again, but it lands on a gong. He hits the ball with his golf club, but it breaks. He then hits it with a mallet, but it just produces a ringing noise. The animals think that there is a fire and a firetruck arrives. A horse arrives and notices Felix ringing on the gong. It uses a hose to spray water at the cat, sending him (and his golf ball) across the ocean, where he lands on the drum on an island.

A native (drawn in blackface, as was common for depictions of African natives of the day) hears the noise and calls for the others by pulling on the tail of a monkey. Many identical natives hop out of a cooking pot and form an army, which starts running towards Felix. The cat makes a run for it, but freezes when he sees a skinny native run after him. The cat runs up a tree and drops coconuts on the head of the native, knocking him into the ground. Felix heads behind a rock and laughs, but runs away when four natives appear out from behind the rock and growl at him with their mouths fused together. A spotted jungle cat sniffs Felix, who knocks the giant cat out and throws its spots at the natives behind the rock. The natives reemerge with knives and start tossing them at the cat. Felix uses his tail to deflect them, but a knife hits a hippo and starts chasing after the cat.

Felix ends up back at home, where he notices that his father found out about the glove trick. Just as he is cornered by the hippo, the cat opens the top of the hippo’s mouth, turning it into a piano just in time for his father to notice.



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