The Cat Band

The Cat Band

The Cat Band
is a music band of wild cats who are local Zillians and they are prisoners of the Duke of Zill. The members include a lion, a tiger, a panther, a leopard, and a puma.

They were first seen as the first performers in the Fantastic Circus within Progress City. In the final performance, one of the members tries to attack Felix, but Pim knocks him out with Felix's magic bag.

Felix then told all five of the wild cats if they want to get out and be free and they agreed Felix's plan. Princess Oriana is begging Felix to succeed. Felix and the Cat Band play their instruments and Oriana, Whack and his stick freak, and the Mizzards dance. When Felix creates large bubbles, the Cat Band is seen in the bubbles (even their heavy metal balls are capable of being carried in the bubbles) and they've escaped.

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