"I made a boo-boo! I MADE A BOO-BOO!"

– Professor Nutty Nut-Meg aka The Professor

The Professor (real name: Professor Nutty Nut-Meg) as seen in his papers, though ironicly he admits he cannot remember his own name) was the on-and-off adversary of Felix the Cat and he was first featured in the Felix the Cat cartoons in 1959 - he is not always an outright malicious individual but he sees Felix as a source of constant fascination due to his obsession with Felix's magical bag of tricks.

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The Professor is a short man with white hair, a white moustache that covers the entire bottom half of his face, and a receding hairline. He always wears a white lab coat.


A mad scientist by trade the Professor will stop at nothing to steal Felix's bag of tricks and has fought the mischievous feline on several occasions - though the two are not always outright enemies. The Professor is the uncle of Poindexter but unlike his nephew seems to prefer to use his scientific genius for selfish (sometimes outright evil) means - though The Professor can use his genius for good at times. Rock Bottom is the professor's minion.

Occasionally the Professor and Rock Bottom will try to steal something other than Felix's bag of tricks or commit some other evil deed - a notable example of this was in an episode where Felix somehow created a plant that produced solid gold fruit, The Professor was so impressed by this plant that he stole it for himself: during this episode he was also shown as being very greedy with a desire to be rich.

Movie Appearance

The Professor appeared as a antagonist (and later a hero) in Felix the Cat: The Movie when he and his nephew Poindexter went to the magical and technologically-advanced world of Oriana and came to the aid of Felix in helping the benevolent Princess Oriana and her friends in freeing their home from the evil Duke of Zill.