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The Sludge King
The Sludge King
Vital statistics
Title King
Gender Male
Faction Villain
Location Earth
Status Alive
First appearance The Sludge King: Part 1 (1995) (computer-animated)
The Sludge King: Part 2 (1995)

The Sludge King is the main antagonist in The Sludge King: Part 2. Felix first saw him in a computer animation where a computer-animated version of him fell down the sewers and was captured by a computer-animated Sludge King.

In Part 2, he captured Rosco and Felix with a desire to eat them. However, Felix literally rewound the cartoon back to the moment where he saw the computer animation, saw what happened next, and reenacted the gag: he convinced the Sludge King to drink enough grog to use a portable outhouse, then escaped with Rosco.


The Sludge King is made of yellow sludge and has black eyes. He wears a blue crown on his head and a brown cape.


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