PopKorn Kat

aka Emily, Poppy, or Lulu

  • I live in the West Coast of the US
  • I was born on March 26
  • My occupation is being a bozo
  • I am a swirling miasma of scintillating thoughts and turgid ideas (she/her preferred)
  • PopKorn Kat

    As a precaution, IP addresses are no longer allowed to edit this wiki without logging in.

    This won't prevent all bad edits, but it should slow any vandals down.

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  • PopKorn Kat

    I'm an admin now!

    July 30, 2017 by PopKorn Kat

    So I come back onto this wiki to find I was made an admin on July 28? Aw, shucks, thanks.

    Now let the wiki prosper!

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  • PopKorn Kat

    My plans

    January 13, 2017 by PopKorn Kat

    Hello, Felix the Cat Wiki!

    When I looked at this wiki, I felt that it was a humble start, but that it could be better. And that's where I want to come in.

    • Create a dedicated infobox template that will show information on shorts, TV show episodes, etc. DONE!
    • Add entries for the 1950s/1960s Felix TV show, the silent shorts, The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat, and Baby Felix and Friends.
    • Add a lot more images.

    So, who's with me?

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